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Chocolate cakes and cupcakes

August 10, 2009

I am always searching for better recipes to offer my clients. You would be amazed at how many there are just for chocolate or vanilla cakes! I recently came across a super yummy one that I am considering using for my signature chocolate cake and cupcake. I think it needs a tweak or two but it is absolutely divine. When I make the cake batter I can smell the amazing flavors entwined within this cake. I have come to learn as a baker that you cannot satisfy everyone’s chocolate needs. Some like a more bitter chocolate flavors and other’s prefer a more rich experience. I have struggled over time in finding the perfect recipe in order to have a generally amazing cake that would appeal to everyone. And then I decided to put those thoughts aside. In all honestly I am a cake lover. I love decadent chocolate cake and I wouldn’t want to serve a product that I didn’t literally dream about eating all the time. This is one of those recipe’s. I will always keep my nose and taste-buds open to other possibilitys and my test kitchen is always open, but for know I am going to revel in this amazing chocolate aroma. 


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