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New blog is up!

August 12, 2010

Sorry for the long wait everyone! Here is my new blog address

There you will find more cakes and tutorials. I am starting my tutorials next week and will be doing them weekly. Thanks for your devotion to me over here on wordpress, I hope you to see you all on our new site!


New Blog Coming Soon!!!

July 15, 2010

I am designing my new blog right now! I can’t wait to share it with you all. Hopefully it will be up within the next week. I have so many new cakes to share to0….stay tuned!!

News Update!!!!

June 15, 2010

Hello my sweet blog fans! I am finishing up a huge wedding order for this weekend then I’m off to sunny San Diego for another wedding dessert bar and cake. That’s right…my bride is flying me to California to make her cake, crazy right??!!

So now I have some good news, and some bad news. Bad news first is always the way to go so here it is…..I will no longer be posting my cakes here 😦

Good news you say? I will have a BRAND NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!! I am saving my weddings for that blog too so you won’t be seeing those here either. But this is a super really good thing so if you an avid follower of mine get ready for some cool stuff!

I promise not to take forever to get it up and running, even though cakes keep me busy these days I will stay up late if I have to to get it done. Thank you for your devotion over the past year and half and I can’t wait to share with you all the new stuff going on!!!!!

Happy Caking!!!!

Baseball Cookies

June 15, 2010

It’s that time of year again for the end of season parties for baseball. These were specially made for my son’s t-ball team. Royal icing tops these super buttery sugar cookies with a fondant baseball.

Aren’t they cute all packaged up?

Hot Pink Graduation Cake

June 10, 2010

Cheryl is one of my best clients, and when her family planned her surprise graduation party they found me to make her cake! It was so great to be able to make a cake for someone who is always ordering them for other people. I designed this cake with her personality in mind and I used her favorite colors. Congrats girl on on your accomplishments!

KISS Cake with Gene Simmons Character

June 8, 2010

When my client ordered this cake I was so excited! I knew it was going to be challenging, but my most challenging ones are always my favorite. When I finished this one I just stood back in complete awe of my ability to make this character on my first try. He is made out of gumpaste and fondant and sculpted and painted by hand. I wish I could just keep him on a shelf in my office, but I think the birthday boy would have been sad if I took him back. Happy 6th Birthday Aiden!

UPDATE: My cake was featured today on KISS’ website!   Woot!   Holla!

Two Peas in a Pod Twin Baby Shower Cake

June 1, 2010

My daughter has the sweetest Kindergarten teacher and she is expecting twin girls,  so when the class was going to throw her a baby shower and asked me to make her cake I couldn’t refuse! I made a bunch of vanilla cupcakes and a six inch cake for her to take home.